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Robust Demand Sparks Warehouse Rental Surge in India

The Indian warehousing industry is experiencing a surge in demand due to the growth of 3PL companies, an increase in manufacturing activities, and a significant rise in e-commerce business. The country is predicted to experience its highest-ever absorption of warehouse space this year. Warehouses in India are becoming increasingly sophisticated, managed by professionals from the real estate sector, and equipped with modern technologies such as RFID tags and logistics automation platforms. The benefits of leasing a warehouse in India include logistical benefits, supply chain integration, and access to sophisticated infrastructure. The demand for warehouse rentals is surging across India, with northern, central, and southern regions each seeing their own growth drivers. However, challenges facing the Indian warehouse market include the scarcity of quality storage space, limited infrastructure available, and the cost of labor.

Sector 48, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 28th Mar 2023, King NewsWire From an unorganized industry to a fully-fledged operational segment of the national economy, India’s warehousing industry has undergone a tremendous amount of growth. The demand for warehouses in India has been rising as this industry plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth functioning of companies’ supply chains. According to the research, the country’s warehousing segment is predicted to experience its highest ever absorption in the current year. This surge in the warehouse rental market can be attributed to the growth of 3PL companies, an increase in manufacturing activities, and a significant spike in e-commerce business.

An In-Depth Look at the Indian Warehousing Industry 

The warehousing industry in India has seen robust demand in recent months, leading to a surge in warehouse rentals. In fact, the country has seen the highest-ever single-quarter absorption of warehouse space in its history. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including rising domestic consumption, international trade, and the need for storage facilities that are compliant with current regulations and technologies.

As the warehousing industry continues to rise in India, so do opportunities for businesses looking to bolster their supply chain infrastructure. With warehouses increasingly becoming more sophisticated and managed by professionals from the real estate sector, companies have access to more secure and organized storage solutions that meet their specific needs. Additionally, these warehouses come complete with current regulations and modern technologies such as RFID tags and logistics automation platforms. As a result, businesses can enjoy cost savings while consolidating multiple stocks at one location and cutting down on inventory costs. 

Although the demand for warehouse rentals is growing, proper maintenance and safety protocols must be observed to ensure the safety of goods stored within them. This includes regular preventive maintenance, fire protection systems, and carefully planned security measures. By observing these guidelines, companies can reduce their risk of potential losses due to damage or theft, helping to maximize profits.

Discovering the Benefits of Leasing a Warehouse in India 

Leasing a warehouse in India can be a cost-effective and practical solution for storing inventory, as well as allowing access to key markets. There are several reasons why warehouses are in high demand in India right now.

Logistical Benefits

For one, you get access to prime locations that are close to major ports, airports, and highways, which help facilitate efficient delivery of goods. This is particularly important if you’re dealing with high-volume orders or shipping multiple products at once, since it reduces the risk of delays and ensures timely delivery.

Supply Chain Integration

Warehouses also enable companies to integrate their supply chains more seamlessly. This means increased efficiency when it comes to stocking inventory, improved accuracy in tracking orders, automated operations for properly managing goods and materials, as well as better visibility into supply chain operations.

Robust Infrastructure

Finally, many warehouses have sophisticated infrastructure that includes forklifts, pallet jacks, and other equipment that make it easier to move goods from one location to another quickly and with minimal effort. This is especially helpful when dealing with large shipments or heavy items like furniture and appliances. Furthermore, they often offer temperature-controlled storage rooms so your products stay safe in any weather condition.

All these benefits make leasing a warehouse in India an attractive option for businesses seeking a storage solution that won’t break the bank or prove too difficult or time consuming to manage. 

Regional Insights on the Indian Warehouse Market

The demand for warehouse rentals is surging across India as local businesses take advantage of the country’s robust economic growth. 

Here’s a breakdown of the regional insights on the Indian warehouse market:

Northern India

Northern India is seeing an influx in demand for warehouses, thanks to increased organization among retail and e-commerce players. Major districts in this region, such as Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab, have seen rental rates in certain areas increase by over 40%.

Central India

Central India has seen a steady rise in warehouse rentals due to popular consumption hubs such as Indore and Bhopal. These cities have seen great industrial growth and are home to a large number of organized retail centers due to easier access when compared to other regions.

Southern India

Southern India is witnessing a significant rise in warehousing requirements due to its geographic advantage with ports providing access to international markets. State capitals such as Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru have recorded steady growth in related activities due to improved infrastructure associated with seaports.

Overall, it looks like there’s no stopping the demand for warehouses across India—so take advantage of this trend while you can! 

Challenges Facing the Indian Warehouse Market: What You Need to Know 

If the Indian warehouse market is experiencing a surge in rent, you might be wondering why this is happening and what kind of challenges are involved.

Scarcity of Quality Storage Space

One big challenge is the scarcity of quality storage space in India. The demand for storage has grown rapidly in recent years, but there hasn’t been an equal increase in supply, making it difficult to find quality warehouses. This has been one of the primary drivers behind warehouse rental increases, as companies look to fill their storage capacity needs with existing facilities.

Limited Infrastructure Available 

Another challenge is the limited infrastructure available to support warehousing operations. With roads still underdeveloped across much of the country, getting goods to and from warehouses can be difficult and time-consuming. This can lead to higher costs for companies that need to transport their goods and materials, ultimately resulting in higher rental prices.

Cost of Labor

Finally, labor costs are also an issue in India – as wages have gone up over time, it’s become more expensive for companies to staff their warehouses. This has created further economic pressure on warehouse owners, who have had to pass on some of these costs to tenants through higher rent prices.

Opportunities for Renting a Warehouse in India: Experience Excellent Amenities and Endless Possibilities 

With the booming demand for warehousing in India, this is a great time to get into warehouse rental.


Let’s explore why now is the perfect time to rent a warehouse in India.

Robust Demand

Robust economic growth and increased consumer spending have led to increased demand for warehousing services in India, which has set off a surge in the rental of warehouses across the country.

Warehousing Hubs

India is rapidly becoming an important warehousing hub due to its strategic geographic location and advantageous business climate. The government has also created a supportive environment for the warehousing industry through various tax incentives, favorable policies, and infrastructure development initiatives. Thus, more companies than ever before are opting to set up warehouses in India and take advantage of these benefits.

Well-developed Infrastructure

The Indian government has invested heavily in creating modern infrastructure such as improved roads and highways that make transportation easier and more cost-effective. This has spurred further demand for warehouse rentals in India. Additionally, warehouses typically come with well-developed utilities such as electricity, water supply, internet access, etc., making it easier for lessees to smoothly operate their businesses without any hassle.

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