June 24, 2024

Quick Angel Home is Pioneering a New Path for Home-Based Elderly Care in China with an International Perspective

BEIJING, CHINA, April 29, 2024 — On April 26, 2024, the Global Health and Development Forum was held as a sub-forum of the ZGG Forum Annual Conference. Focusing on “Responding to New Global Health Challenges through Scientific and Technological Innovation”, over 230 academicians, experts, and scholars from various fields including industry, academia, research, and investment participated in the forum to discuss how to respond to new global health challenges through scientific and technological innovation.

During the Forum, Zhang Lijun, the Founder of Quick Angel Home in Care Group, Chairman of V1 Group, and a research scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, has proposed a series of innovative concepts and implementation strategies for home-based elderly care with an international perspective.

I. Current Situation and Challenges of Aging Society in China

China is rapidly transitioning into an aging society. According to statistics, it is projected that by 2050, the population aged 60 and above will exceed 390 million, accounting for 39% of the total population. This demographic shift brings about various challenges:

1. Economic Growth Pressure: Tightened labor market and slowed economic growth.
2. Social Security Burden: Increased expenditures on pensions and healthcare.
3. Demand for Elderly Care Services: Sharp rise in demand for high-quality elderly care services.

II. International Forward-Thinking Approach to Home-Based Elderly Care

Home-based elderly care should not only meet the special needs of elderly people in China but also incorporate internationally advanced concepts of elderly care services:

1. Personalized and Intelligent Services: Utilizing smart technology to provide customized medical care and daily living assistance.
2. Linkage between Family and Community: Strengthening emotional support within families while integrating with community resources to build a support network.
3. Integration of Medical Care and Nursing: Forming a new model of “medical-nursing integration” to provide comprehensive medical and care services.

III. Construction of Home-Based Elderly Care Service System

Building a comprehensive home-based elderly care service system should focus on the following aspects:

1. Standardization of Services: Establishing unified service standards and operating procedures to ensure service quality.
2. Quality Supervision System: Establishing a service quality supervision system for regular evaluation and feedback.
3. Professional Training for Personnel: Enhancing professional training for service personnel to improve their skills and capabilities.
4. Technological Support System: Utilizing information technology to establish an intelligent service support system.

IV. Application of Technological Innovation in Home-Based Elderly Care

Technological innovation is a key driving force for the development of home-based elderly care services:

1. Telemedicine Services: Providing timely medical consultations and treatment using telemedicine technology.
2. Intelligent Monitoring Systems: Real-time monitoring of the health status of elderly people through smart wearable devices.
3. Personalized Health Plans: Providing personalized dietary and exercise recommendations based on big data analysis.

V. Global Trend of Home-Based Elderly Care and Localization Practices

Home-based elderly care is a common challenge faced by aging societies globally. China should draw on international experience while exploring home-based elderly care models suitable for its own conditions:

1. International Cooperation and Exchange: Strengthening cooperation and exchange with international elderly care service institutions to introduce advanced management models.
2. Innovative Localized Services: Innovating service content and forms based on Chinese cultural traditions and social characteristics.
3. Social Participation and Support: Encouraging social forces to participate in home-based elderly care services and forming a diversified service supply system.

VI. Policy Support and Social Advocacy

Quick Angel Home in Care Group calls for the government to introduce more supportive policies to create a favorable environment for the development of home-based elderly care services:

1. Policy Support: Providing tax incentives, financial subsidies, and other policy support to encourage investment from social capital.
2. Publicity and Education: Increasing public awareness of the importance of home-based elderly care and fostering a societal atmosphere of respect and care for the elderly.
3. Legal Protection: Improving relevant laws and regulations to safeguard the rights and interests of the elderly and regulate the elderly care service market.

VII. Strategic Planning for the Future

Home-based elderly care is a long-term social project that requires strategic planning for the future:

1. Continuous Technological Innovation: Keeping abreast of technological trends and continuously introducing new technologies to improve service levels.
2. Exploration of Service Models: Continuously exploring

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