July 24, 2024

GPT-Memo is now available on the Google Play Store

Tokyo, Japan, 15th June 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In recent times, we have been witnessing the release of various application software utilizing advanced technology called openAI from different organizations, which has been widely covered by the media.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our mobile application software called “GPT-Memo” for Android devices. In this post, we would like to introduce you to GPT-Memo.

Why GPT-Memo?

This innovative app leverages the ChatGPT API to provide a unique conversational experience and powerful note-taking capabilities.

With GPT-Memo, you can enjoy conversations with AI and easily capture them as memos. But it doesn’t stop there. This app immerses you in a conversational experience that feels as if you are truly interacting with ChatGPT.

With the MyAI feature, you have the freedom to choose the personality of the AI. You can select options such as “Doctor,” “male friend,” or “female friend.” In Japanese, formal expressions like “DESU” and “MASU” are used in formal contexts, while expressions that evoke familiarity like “DAYONE” and “DESYO” are common in conversations with friends. In GPT-Memo, you can switch the response style of ChatGPT, allowing you to enjoy an experience that feels like a conversation with a close companion. This level of customization is considered a crucial element in creating an AI app that fosters a sense of familiarity.

Furthermore, in GPT-Memo, you can specify the level of detail in the AI’s responses. You have the option to choose between “detailed responses” and “simple responses.” If you require more in-depth information, you can select “detailed responses,” whereas if you prefer concise answers, you can choose “simple responses.” This allows you to adjust the level of detail in the answers according to your needs.

Download now and enjoy an AI conversational app like never before. GPT-Memo is available exclusively in Japanese.

Please note that in order to use it, you’ll need to obtain an API Key from the OpenAI website yourself. Once you have obtained the API Key, you can register it with GPT-Memo and use it for free within the usage limits. There will be no automatic charges for using OpenAI services.

For more information about OpenAI pricing, please refer to OpenAI’s pricing page.

The main features of GPT-Memo

Chat Screen

These features are designed to provide you with a seamless and personalized conversation experience while maximizing usability and convenience.
GPT-Memo also includes several additional features to enhance your experience:

  1. Conversation Filtering: GPT-Memo provides a conversation content filtering feature, allowing you to customize the type of responses you receive. You can set preferences to filter out specific topics or adjust the level of formality in the conversation.
  2. Question History Tracking: With GPT-Memo, you can conveniently save the history of your questions. This feature enables you to refer back to previous inquiries and review the responses, ensuring easy access to valuable information.
  3. Chat Panel Resizing: GPT-Memo offers a chat panel resizing feature, allowing you to adjust the size of the chat interface according to your preferences. You can expand or shrink the chat window for optimal visibility and comfort during your interactions.

Memo Screen

These features are designed to enhance memo content management and accessibility, providing flexible customization options to suit your needs.
GPT-Memo also includes several features related to memo management and organization:

  1. Content Filtering: The memo app provides content filtering functionality, allowing you to easily navigate and find specific memos. Applying filters based on keywords makes it convenient to search for relevant information within your memos.
  2. Content Sharing: The app also offers content sharing capabilities, enabling you to share your memos with others. You can share individual memos or even entire collections of memos (via email, LINE, WeChat) to facilitate collaboration and information exchange.
  3. List Sorting: You can utilize the list sorting feature to arrange your memos in any order you prefer. Whether it’s sorting by creation date or memo level, you can rearrange your memos based on various criteria, helping you organize and prioritize your memo collection.
  4. Priority Order Modification: In addition to sorting, the app provides the ability to rearrange the sorting criteria. With a simple operation, you can reverse the order of the memo list or change the sorting priority, allowing you to switch the order according to your preferences.

Settings Screen

These features are designed to provide an environment where users can enjoy an experience that feels like conversing with close companions by switching the response style of ChatGPT.
GPT-Memo offers two additional features to enhance your conversational experience:

  1. AI Personality Selection: With the AI Personality Selection feature, you can choose the type of AI you want to interact with. Options such as “Doctor,” “Male Friend,” or “Female Friend” are available. In Japanese, formal expressions like “DESU” and “MASU” are commonly used in basic sentences, while more familiar expressions like “DAYONE” and “DESHO” are used in conversations with friends. GPT-Memo allows you to switch the expression style of ChatGPT, creating an immersive experience that feels like conversing with a close companion. We consider the MyAI feature to be a crucial element in creating an AI app that feels familiar and friendly.
  2. Answer Granularity Selection: GPT-Memo allows you to specify the level of detail in the AI’s responses. You can choose between “Detailed Answers” and “Simple Answers” as the response style to suit your needs. If you require comprehensive answers, you can select “Detailed Answers.” On the other hand, if you prefer concise answers, you can opt for “Simple Answers.” This feature allows you to adjust the level of detail in the responses according to your preferences and the context of your inquiries.

Embrace GPT-Memo as Your Trusted Life Companion.

We have developed GPT-Memo with the goal of creating a user-friendly app that leverages OpenAI’s advanced technology. It aims to serve as your ultimate personal assistant and be a helpful companion-like presence. We hope it proves useful and enjoyable for you.

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