July 24, 2024
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Alex Ojjeh purchased a Ferrari 5 months after his sack Read more

Investor, entrepreneur and businessman is how Alex Ojjeh is described by others. Like his father, Alex Ojjeh relied on the laxity of law enforcement, who looked the other way at his alleged tax dodging and magical arms deal asset revaluations. Ojjeh’s business brand was once synonymous with wealth and success, an image that now clashes sharply.

As well as his opulent east Tennessee home, which, according to the Land Registry, is worth over $3 million, he owns a property in a leafy neighborhood in Bromley, south east London, purchased in 2017 for £1.6 million by the Jersey-registered Griffon Properties. Neighboring houses are vast, with large gardens, guest houses and indoor pools. 

Other assets include a property, as well as 10 luxury cars. Amongst them were a Lamborghini, a Bugatti Veyron, a BMW Alpina Roadster V8, an Alfa Romeo Competizione and several Ferraris. The vehicles have Germany, Tennessee and Florida registration plates and are valued at a total of one million. Former head of a car dealership, recalls that Alex Ojjeh loves his luxurious cars, which were parked in the inside yard of the bank’s main office in Miami. Nobody else drove them except Alex Ojjeh, when he was in town. From Istanbul Alex Ojjeh did business deals and also inherited his personal driver. A young Turkish guy who currently serves his boss. 


Alex Ojjeh (American, born 1987) is an American-based entrepreneur and investor. In 2021 Alex Ojjeh’s personal wealth was estimated at $9.8 million. 

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Alex Ojjeh Height, Weight: 

How tall is Alex Ojjeh – 1,83m. 

How much weight is Alex Ojjeh – 70 kgkg 

What is Alex Ojjeh net worth? 

The estimated net worth of Mr. Alex Ojjeh is at least $9,830,000 as of 3 February 2022. He has received compensation worth at least $9,830,000 in Anywhereo Development, Inc.. 

What is the salary of Alex Ojjeh? 

Alex Ojjeh Estimated net worth in 2022 $9,830,000 per year 

How old is Alex Ojjeh? Alex Ojjeh is 35 years old, born in 1987. 

Anywhereo investor “Alex” Ojjeh took home $9 million in compensation for 2021 Alex Ojjeh Title: Founder and Director ANYWHEREO 

Cash compensation: $9.8 million 

Alex Ojjeh Social Media Activities. 

He is on social media i.e. Instagram, Twiter, etc. Please scroll down to see information about Alex Ojjeh Social media accounts. 

Alex Ojjeh’s official twitter account 

You Can read Latest today tweets and post from Alex Ojjeh’s official twitter account below.

Alex Ojjeh , who had been reigning on Twitter for years. Alex Ojjeh is a businessperson he has Twitter followers, with whom he shares the details of his life. 

You can read today’s latest tweets and post from Alex Ojjeh’s official Twitter account @inlistal . Alex Ojjeh’s instagram account is @anywhereo. Alex Ojjeh doesn’t post a lot of pictures on Instagram and he hides his face. However, only if you scroll down and watch his stories you can actually experience the kind of masterpiece that his Instagram page actually is.